Everyone's situation is unique. Learn how Stratix can help you.

Credit counseling

Free financial advice from one of our licensed debt management professionals.

Debt Management

Full-service bill management with reduced interest rates and complete debt elimination within 60 months.

There's a solution for everyone.

Additional Money Saving Tips

Free Advice

Because our team at Stratix Financial truly cares about your financial success, the first step we'll take with you is to review your credit report and offer you a comprehensive savings analysis at no charge to you...period.

We Go to Bat for You

Once we determine the easiest and best route for you to become financially free, we'll negotiate lower interest rates and revised terms for your credit cards. Stratix Financial will also help you eliminate your debt by working with other creditors such as: doctors, dentists, hospitals, and more.

Sometimes it seems as if nothing is free. It doesn't mean we can't still save money on almost everything. And who doesn't want to save money? We've compiled useful tips on a variety of money topics. Some you may already know and use, others may be things you haven't thought of yet.

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